Driving School Brewer Maine

TGFTIB Driving School has
experience working with:

  • International Students

  • Home schooled Students

  • Adults of All Ages

  • AARP Driver Saftey Instructor

Driving is a privilege, not a right

Today’s technology, and our fast paced life, eating on the run, texting, and chatting with our friends, Driver Safety has become a serious issue for drivers of all ages. Driver Distraction is quickly becoming a deadly problem, and according to a report done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2006 motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for 15-20 year olds.

On Average more than 5,000 young drivers are killed in crashes, so teaching driver safety has become more important than ever. TGFTIB Driving School prides itself in teaching excellent driving habits, Maine Driving Law, and all of the building blocks to become an skilled driver for years to come.

You’ve watched your parents, friends, and others drive and you think that you are ready to jump behind the wheel, but its not that easy. Some of us need to learn the basics, some may need a refresher course, and some must be evaluated to see if they are safe to be on the road at all.

TGFTIB Driving School is prepared to help you no matter what your particular needs may be.

Did You Know?
1915-Driver’s license required at 16yrs old. $2 fee
1937-Road test was required along with physical exam-age changed to 15.
1953-Started permit program-permit valid for 60 days.
1957-Permit valid for 90 days
1959-Any person under 17 required to take driver’s education course
1961-Required driver’s test for anyone age 75 or older
1967-Re-examination of accident-prone drivers
1971-Vision examination required for drivers age 65 and older
1980-Repealed road test for seniors

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